Dec 3, 2010

Drive Fives

Click on the image to see it fullsize. Warning may lead to broken bones at speeds over 60 mph.


  1. Seriously, I have done this. It can be painful.

    Nice license plate! :D

  2. did it once, almost made an accident. Definitely worth it tho!

  3. Have you ever car jousted? You use your window scrapper (the thing you get the snow and ice off with) and speed at a pedestrian crossing the crosswalk. It's a lot of fun. You should try it.

  4. @runewake2 - My friend had an old Crown Victoria where the windshield wiper fluid nozzles could be twisted, so we would point them outwards and drive around squirting pedestrians (it was just water.)

    I only bring this up, because in car jousting, I would totally be a dick and use that as my secret evil trick to distract you before breaking your spine with an ice scraper at 80 miles per hour.
    Happy holidays!